I started my Scrum Journey in 2010 after working as a technical team lead on an off-shore project that followed (unknowingly) a Scrum-like process. I went on formal training in 2010 (CSM) after which I worked as Scrum Master on an ad hoc basis as and when client projects required it. From 2012 to 2013, I was Scrum Master (amongst other responsibilities) for a Product team in parallel with working on other client projects. During my time at the consulting company, I also contributed to developing training material and aligning entrenched PRINCE2 practices to Agile for our Agile projects. In 2014, I chose to move to a non-consulting environment in order to dedicate all my time to working in the Agile space and have been working as a full-time Agile Coach/Scrum Master for 1-3 teams at a time since then.

I also enjoy reading; spending time with my husband and three furkids; and spending maximum time on the beach or under the ocean.

Agile starter-pack:

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